The official distributor of the Klik Sta Ellinika Greek language course books for the whole world outside Greece is dedicated to providing customers worldwide with one of the best methods of teaching and learning modern Greek, the Klik Sta Ellinika (Click on Greek / Κλικ στα Ελληνικά) series by the Centre for the Greek Language (ΚΕΝΤΡΟ ΕΛΛΗΝΙΚΗΣ ΓΛΩΣΣΑΣ).

We are members of the SNBC Group and BIBLIAGORA Network and exclusive distributors of the KLIK STA ELLINIKA series of books. We serve thousands of customers worldwide, both in retail and wholesale by offering a fast and reliable service with a sensible discount policy.

We are committed to promoting the Greek language worldwide by delivering only the best quality Greek language books and educational material.

The KLIK STA ELLINIKA books are used in teaching and evaluating  modern Greek as a foreign language and are written by the experienced researchers in the teaching of the Greek language and testing constructors, M. Karakyrgiou, V. Panagiotidou.

The B2 Level book of sample exam papers is written by a team of language experts: Th. Dalpanagioti, A. Papachatzi, D. Tzimokas, P. Dagopoulos, M. Dimitrakopoulou and E. Konta.

The KLIK STA ELLINIKA series is taught in many universities, schools and Modern Greek Studies Centres all over the world. Ιt has been designed for children, teenage and adult students and covers Common European Framework levels A1, A2, B1 and B2 of the Modern Greek Language.

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